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New Electric Water Gun Automatic Squirt Rifle Toy Gun

New Electric Water Gun Automatic Squirt Rifle Toy Gun

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The New Electric Water Gun Automatic Squirt Rifle is an exciting addition to kids' beach and pool games, offering unrivaled outdoor water combat experience. It boasts a large 370CC capacity, a built-in water tank, and a universal bottle mouth that enables easy extension of the water capacity with any regular bottle. Its formidable shooting range of 26-32 feet ensures you can effortlessly soak your adversaries from a distance. Equipped with two rechargeable batteries and USB chargers, this water blaster offers continuous firing for 25 minutes after a quick 2-hour charge. It's crafted from robust and safe ABS material, ensuring longevity and child safety with no small parts or sharp edges. The ergonomic grip design accommodates both children and adults for comfortable play. Please note the squirt gun should not be fully immersed in water to avoid damaging the internal circuitry. Perfect as a summer gift, this automatic electric water gun promises hours of water-blasting fun at the pool, yard, beach, or family gatherings.
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