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Inflatable Travel Sleeping Cushion

Inflatable Travel Sleeping Cushion

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Inflatable Travel Sleeping Cushion

This inflatable travel sleeping cushion is the perfect solution for a comfortable and pain-free nap while on a long flight. Unlike traditional airplane pillows, this cushion supports the upper body and keeps the spine aligned, ensuring a restful sleep. With just 6 to 8 breaths, the pillow can be inflated and ready for use, and can be easily deflated with a simple 1-press release.

Made from a soft and cozy velvet material, this cushion is 100% Enviro Flocking PVC, making it durable and long-lasting. When inflated, the pillow measures 12x14x21 inches, providing ample support for your head and neck. And when not in use, it can be easily stored in the included storage bag, which measures 7x5x5 inches.

With this inflatable travel sleeping cushion, you can finally arrive at your destination feeling well-rested and ready to start your adventure. Say goodbye to uncomfortable flights and hello to a peaceful and comfortable journey with this must-have travel accessory.

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